CCD Camera

CCD Camera (For H351/H352/G351/I-352)

This device is a position calibration system for easy programming.

Protection safety sensor

Protection safety sensor (For H351/H352/G351/I-352)

Optional safety light curtains Improves the safety level.

Solder Iron

Solder Iron (For H351/H352/G351/I-351/I-352)

Variety of sloldering irons.

Customized Fixtures

Customized Fixtures (For H351/H352/G351/I-351/I-352)

Customized carrier can improve the productivity greatly.

Fume Extractor

Fume Extractor (For H351/H352/G351/I-351)

Effectively absorb toxic gases and provides a safe working condition.

0.3-0.6mm solder wire feeder

0.3-0.6mm solder wire feeder (For H351/H352/G351/I-351)

For 0.3-0.6 soldering wire.

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