Iron technology and operation system

Soldering iron system

Heating element adopt silver coil which can ensure long lifetime. Induction type soldering tip can be easily changed with lower cost. heating speed is very fast. With the rotation axis, iron components can rotate 330 degrees. fully meet the differeent angle of products.

400W high frequency induction heating system has rapid temperature recovery time. Optional 600W soldering station, For solder joints that absorb a large amount of heat, heat can be quickly transferred to the pads and pins, heat concentration, ensure high soldering quality.

Windows7 operation system

The soldering robot is equipped with industrial PC with windows 7 English operation system. Self-developed advanced software, fool-style programming with wireless controller like play game, all parameters can be set in one program, such as moving path, solder wire feeding quantity, solder wire feeding speed, running speed, soldering time etc, very easy to use. The self-developed software & hardware researched enjoy free upgrade in the whole service life.

Visualizing the soldering process, soldering trajectory displayed on PC in real time.

A variety of options to meet demanding soldering process

Diversified rationalization of the optional, according to different soldering requirements can be flexible choice of the option of functions. At the same time according to customer needs to customize options for products, so that the soldering machine to achieve perfect soldering.

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