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Benefit Arising from our soldering robot


Consecutive Stability

Why automatic soldering robot H351 is stable for soldering ?

H351 can control “heat quantity” and achieves
the stability at soldering by following three methods:

Soldering Surface

  1. Quantification of Solder

    Break tin solder wire feeding system can pierce holes when feeding solder wire ,it can reduce burst tin that causes flux remaining on PCB when soldering under high temperature to improve the soldering quality. solder wire feeding accuracy can reach 0.1mm.If solder volume is not constant, this changes the heat for melting solder and stable soldering is not possible.

H351 can stabilize and standardize a variety
of soldering quality by followings.

  1. Stabilization of Solder Amount
  2. Stabilization of Heat Supply

H351 can be used for variety of
components like followings

  1. Through-hole
  2. Narrow pitch connectors
  3. Cable
  • Through-hole soldering”

    Through-hole soldering

  • Narrow pitch connectors soldering

    Narrow pitch connectors soldering

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Programming interface

The machine is equipped with industrial PC with windows 7 English operation system, use touchscreen with wireless controller and teach method for programming, makes programming very easy.
Self-developed advanced software, fool-style programming with wireless controller like play game , all parameters can be set in one program, such as moving path, solder wire feeding quantity, solder wire feeding speed,running speed,soldering time etc ,very easy to use.The self-developed software & hardware researched enjoy free upgrade in the whole service life.

Bulk modification of similar soldering spots can be set without modifying one by one. Insert or delete soldering spot coordinates in any position without affecting other soldering spots.
  • Programming


  • Programming


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